How much do you spend on each child

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user14809fhfdgg Wed 24-May-17 09:54:22

Hi I suppose this is one one those "how long is a piece of string" questions.

It all depends on wealth I suppose.

However on average how much do you think you spend per child on their birthdays.

This includes:
The Venue.
The Entertainment
The Party Food.
The Decorations.
The Cake.
The Wrapping Paper.
The Cards.
The Presents.

Ive just worked out how much we have spent and it is a lot more that I preferred / can afford confused

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weirdsitu Wed 24-May-17 09:56:06

Probably between £400-500

CoffeeChocolateWine Wed 24-May-17 09:58:15

My party budget is £250 but usually try and stick more to £200. Present £100. But my oldest is 8. I expect as they get older I'll spend more on presents, less on parties!

user14809fhfdgg Wed 24-May-17 09:58:46

That's what I have spent and I didn't intend too 😬😬

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user14809fhfdgg Wed 24-May-17 09:59:20


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newdaylight Wed 24-May-17 10:00:44

Far less than most people. Venue = house, entertainment = we can make some (depends on ages), food can be fairly cheap, decorations very cheap / homemade, etc. Presents - do kids really need all things expensive to have a better life? I reckon all in for £80-90.

Newname20 Wed 24-May-17 10:08:37

Just had a 7th birthday, came to about £300 all in. Half was on party and half on presents. Luckily we can afford it this year but I found in the past even when trying to do it on the cheap I end up spending about £200.


MrsBadger Wed 24-May-17 10:11:50

depends on age of child. Up to 3 - almost nothing, few friends at home in garden, no 'entertainment' hmm
3-8 - bit more as we might hire a hall for running-about space, or once had a magic show in the garden. £150?
9+ they started wanting 'activity' parties and we take 3 or 4 ice skating or riding or something. Still only £200 as fewer guests

Party food should never be expensive - sandwiches, crisps, fruit, biscuits, maybe pizza
Decorations are generally homemade (£1 Ikea lampshades make great giant Pokeballs)
I do buy craft bits for them to do but that is their going-home present too
I always make the cake and try not to spend too much on special figures, colouring etc as it's only going to be eaten.

What I do have is a 'party crate' put away with all the bunting, balloons, half-used packs of paper plates and napkins etc so I don't feel like I'm starting from scratch every time.

Bottom line is the children don't care how much it costs if they have a good time - no point shelling out for matching character tablecloth / napkins / plates / cups when they'd be just as happy with cheap plain coloured ones.

user14809fhfdgg Wed 24-May-17 10:13:14

This is the last class party I will have thank god. I think that's why I went a bit daft.

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newlabelwriter Wed 24-May-17 10:17:29

About £250, but this year have managed a joint party so split down the middle.

Seenoevil Wed 24-May-17 14:02:34

Changes year to year.

Age 4- went to a softplay, cost roughly £200 without presents on top.. can't remember what I bought tbh so no ideal what I spent on that part blush

Age 5 - hall party for the whole class, venue was £30, hired a princess to run the whole party for 2 hours so she was £120 and bouncy castle also which was £50, food/cake/party bags was about £40-£50 so party alone was £250, think I spent about £50 on presents.

Age 6 (this year in July) - she wants a bowling party, I'm doing it on a Friday after school as they have a deal of a game of bowling and food for £6.99 a child... only inviting the girls this year so if all say yeswhixh I doubt (14 kids) it will be approx £100, plus a cake and party bags so another £15 (already picked loads of party bag stuff up when I seen it reduced in Asda so only spent approx £5-7 on bags and all the stuff to go inside). As I'm not doing a party package at bowling (they were crap) I plan to bring my mum along, ask her to watch the girls bowl while I order all the food in one go near the end of there bowling, but il put a couple of banners on a table and some confetti and the cake at one end. So I'm spending approx £115 on a party and about £100 on presents .. she wants a rabbit so will be getting that plus a hutch and assessories... all the other stuff she's put on her list such as a new bar keeper, poison ivy doll, cry babies will be given to her nans / uncles / friends to buy smile

Seenoevil Wed 24-May-17 14:04:21

Not bar keeper .. that was meant to say barbie smile

elevenclips Wed 24-May-17 14:10:35

this stuff is seriously expensive these days
I find the best way to control the budget is to find a place that will do it all in for a per head price or a fixed price. Invite numbers according to budget. I know someone whose party costs just snowballed bit by bit to £500. Sounds like your situation op!

Aebj Wed 24-May-17 14:11:47

Our prices have varied over the years. The boys have had around 15 children at a home party before and we got Domino's in for food. Also had a cake, crisps, sweets, party bags, water balloons. Didn't bother with any form of entertainment. They loved playing on the Xbox, bouncing on the trampoline and throwing water balloons. The kids just enjoyed hanging out together. Party came in no more than $150
Also have been roller skating. 10 children plus food came in at $150.
Also been to an indoor trampoline place for 10. Domino's for dinner and cake. Came in same as skating.Then $10 for a cake.

Spend around $200 on present. Our parents and my brother,give us some money for the boys presents so we can get a bigger present for them.

user14809fhfdgg Wed 24-May-17 14:16:38

The venue is free too. I'm so angry at myself.

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Nicpem1982 Mon 29-May-17 10:02:17

User- its easy to get carried away I'm ashamed to say it now but me and dh spent a stupid amount on dds first birthday and said we'd be more careful and aware of costs going forward.

For her coming birthday we've spent about 500/600 on her party and about 150 on gifts, cake is about 35 as I'll bake it myself

Glittter Thu 01-Jun-17 17:40:57

About £500 on the party for dc under about 8years (after that we don't do class parties and just have 2 or 3 friends to do go ape or similar). When they are under 8 we don't tend to spend a lot on presents as if you have a class party they end up with 30+gifts just from friends!

£500 is so easy to spend, even if you hold it at home which we normally do-£180 for entertainer, £60 for cake, £100 on food, £100 for party bags, rest for adds up quickly!

ofudginghell Thu 01-Jun-17 17:55:05

I have stepped out of the whole party and class party crap now youngest is just turned one nearly twelve and eldest nineteen.

It's ridiculous what people spend on birthday celebrations and bashes for young children.
I did an at home birthday tea with traditional games last year for youngest (6th birthday)and with the presents food games and extra garden bits and decorations I spent over £250 confused
Gave myself a kick up the arse and we agreed from this year on each child will get £50 cash (perfect for older two but youngest had fifty quids worth of toys)a gift each from the other siblings (£20) and we go out for a lunch or to kaspas. That with a cake comes to around £110-£120 per child.
Plenty if you ask me and they've all had fab birthdays this year so far.
We had friends round for tea and cake and the kids all played while the adults all chatted.
If we carried on spending what we were we wouldn't be able to do the holiday or days out In the summer or random breakfasts out or afternoon tea treats.
It just all adds up so quickly

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