Please help me plan a simple 3rd birthday party at a farm!

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Crunchyside Sun 19-Mar-17 15:38:32

I am having my son's 3rd birthday party in May at a small local farm. It's not one of these massive places with soft play and umpteen other things to do - it's just got a cafe/shop, a small outdoor play area and a few animals. They don't run the party for you, they just provide the venue and the food. I'm new to all this stuff so hoping MNers can just help me with ideas smile

I just need help with getting a rough plan for the party, it's hired from 10am-1pm. We'll have access to an undercover seating area for lunch, the farm cafe will provide the kids lunches and also take the kids on a short tractor ride.

I'm thinking 10am-1pm is too long for 3 year olds, I am wondering if I should put 10.30am or 11am arrival on the invite instead?

Here's what I've currently got in mind...

10.30 - 12: free play in the play area (seems like a really long time, it's not much more than a small playpark really... Maybe I should just do the invite from 11am...)

12ish: tractor ride - not sure how long this takes

12.30ish: eat lunch and then go home with cake and party bags.

There will only be about 6 or so kids, none much older than 3 so I think party games/specific activities are out of the question right? Unless anyone has some great ideas for super simple outdoor party activities for toddlers?

I might be overthinking this but basically I'm going to be heavily pregnant and I just want it to be as easy as possible!

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TickledOnion Sun 19-Mar-17 15:43:45

2 hours is plenty for a 3 year old party. If you start at 11 the timings look fine.

Crunchyside Sun 19-Mar-17 16:58:48

Yes I think you're right...! I'll do 11-1pm.

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Misty9 Mon 27-Mar-17 19:19:31

Or do 10-12 so adults can get lunch afterwards? I'd struggle with no food from 10-1 but I do have blood sugar issues. Unless adults can buy food there? Definitely no longer than 2hrs though. It sounds lovely smile
You could maybe get animal masks and have a guess the animal sound game?

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