Playing a Pregnant Cinderella!?

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hannaaah95 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:21:13


I'm currently 26wks pregnant and at the end of next month have a charity ball to go to!!

It's a black tie event to raise money for Action Medical Research and I need to find a flattering ball gown/evening dress to go in!

Has anyone got any recommendations on where I can find one!?

I'd want to try it on before hand and won't be buying until closer to the event (I don't know how big I'll be!?) I don't want to spend LOADS of money either!

So somewhere where I can try it, not to expensive and also flatters my bump...

Can anybody help me please!!?

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FlaviaAlbia Thu 09-Mar-17 13:44:58

This should much easier than actually finding a cinderella costume for a pregnant women which is what I thought this was grin

Have you had a look on Asos? There's dresses around the £30 and £100 marks that might work...

FlaviaAlbia Thu 09-Mar-17 13:46:06

Oh, try posting on the style and beauty boards too...

NameChange30 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:52:57

I know you want to try it on before you buy it, but so few shops stock maternity clothes that I really think your best bet is to order online. If you stick to websites that offer free delivery and returns, you won't lose money if you have to send things back.

I suggest you look at ASOS and/or Zalando. Look at the maternity ranges obviously, but you might also get away with non-maternity styles if they're roomy and/or stretchy below the bust.

You could also try Debenhams - I got a nice maternity dress from there and it wasn't too expensive, although not formal enough for a ball.

If all else fails get a plain black dress and dress it up with accessories - sparkly shoes, handbag and jewellery.

NameChange30 Thu 09-Mar-17 13:55:49

PS You'd probably get more replies if you get this moved to the Pregnancy section, or Style and Beauty.

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