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Small house, lots of 6 year olds, help!!!!!

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Borntorunfast Wed 22-Feb-17 22:06:56

My DD is a sociable thing and her shortlist of friends for her sixth birthday party is currently 12 people. But our house is v small, we can't go in garden due to weather... but I feel mean making her cut the list down! Am I mad? What can I do with that many kids in a tiny house?? Any ideas very gratefully received!

NSEA Wed 22-Feb-17 22:13:58

Can you hire a venue locally?

Csn you push all furniture back to create more floorspace?

Have a picnic party?

Borntorunfast Thu 23-Feb-17 07:51:26

Thanks NSEA. I can't afford to hire this year but like the idea of a picnic party

Pumpkintopf Sat 04-Mar-17 20:22:02

How about a build a bear party -you can order the kits off the Internet, they can spend time at the table decorating t-shirts etc for the bears-making then crowns etc. Worked really well for my daughter's birthday especially if you can get a couple of adults willing to be on hand to help with the craft activities.

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