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Nicpem1982 Tue 31-Jan-17 21:29:33


My dd is starting to get invited to lots of birthday parties as she's just started pre school/nursery we average about 2 parties a month at the moment, and I know that this will likely increase as she gets older and class size increase.

For close friends/families children we budget around 15-20 pounds but if I'm honest I think this is quite high for a nursery friends whom we barely know - what do you normally spend? I don't want to be seen as tight

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CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Tue 31-Jan-17 21:31:30

I spend £5 - £10 in general. Sometimes slightly more. But I try and get presents in the sale / on offer. I keep a stash of goodies that I've picked up when in town.

Nicpem1982 Tue 31-Jan-17 21:35:25

I was thinking around 10 pounds max, when you've bought something on sale do you take the retail amount of your budget?

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CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Tue 31-Jan-17 21:44:08

I physically spend £5-£10 on average, but the presents are worth more iykwim. So I aim to get something that's normally £15 for £7.50.

SellFridges Tue 31-Jan-17 21:44:09

Less than a tenner is my aim. I'll go a little higher for the kids she is closer to and lower for those she doesn't play with so much.

Nicpem1982 Tue 31-Jan-17 21:47:51

Ah ok thank you,

So I've bought an orchard game today reduced in Tesco from 950 to 230 so it wouldn't be a completely cheap skate looking present to add a bag of buttons or a sticker book to it from the works and call it a day?

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CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Tue 31-Jan-17 21:57:16

Orchard toy games are lovely. That's a good present imo. The fact you got it for £2.30 even better.

Though like you I often end up sticking an extra in when I've spent next to nothing. More to make myself feel better.

Book sets from the book people are also good to split up and give as extras / alongside something else.


GlitterGlue Tue 31-Jan-17 22:03:22

God no, you congratulate yourself on a bargain and spend the change on a stiff drink following the party.

CoffeeCoffeeAndLotsOfIt Tue 31-Jan-17 22:06:41

TKMaxx are great for toys that are a lot cheaper than elsewhere. Though there's often only one or two of them so you can't stock up.

Nicpem1982 Wed 01-Feb-17 06:58:48

glitter - thanks the politics of present buying is new for me with in family and close friends we just set a budget and spend it. That doesn't really work in this scenario as it's already started to mount up and it's only the tip of the iceberg!

Coffee - I will look in tkmaxx too I don't mind only having one or two of an item as most of dds friends talk and I'd like to give the impression that I specifically shopped for their dd/dd!

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Aki23 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:00:24

£5-10 and I bulk buy some presents in sales. Even if it isn't used this year it will be used another

Aki23 Wed 01-Feb-17 13:01:13

Try Home bargains - I was introduced to it at the weekend - DS's BD and xmas done!

WhatInTheWorldIsGoingOn Wed 01-Feb-17 13:31:42

I bought about 10 presents from the John Lewis sale for absolutely bargains this year. The best being £14.50 down to £3!

I think with school friend presents it's the gesture. My child's favourite present last year was about £2. He loved it. A fab present.

livingthegoodlife Wed 01-Feb-17 14:37:07

i aim to spend around £5. i like to buy the £10 lego sets reduced and bulk buy. I also have a load of barbies which I got reduced to £2 which I will pair up with a book.

i would stick with the just the orchard game (bargain!) dont add any tat to it, you dont need to - the parents will be grateful and it is a great present as it is. save the difference to put towards the next present. you might not get such a bargain next time!

Pigeonpost Wed 01-Feb-17 16:07:41

Around the £5 mark, perhaps £10 depending on the relationship with the birthday child. I also keep a stashed present drawer. Asda 3 for 2 books are good and I often pick up all sorts of perfect kids' presents bits in Aldi, The Range, B&M. Tiger is also good. Because I am mega disorganised and quite often forget about presents until 10 minutes before leaving for the party, the stash drawer is a life saver, as are the boxes of assorted kids' birthday cards from The Range.

00100001 Wed 01-Feb-17 16:56:39

I just stock up on generic presents for this age when I see a bargain. I buy mulitple of things - for example I was in Wilko after Christmas and they had loads of stuff reduced to around 50p-£2. Things like colouring books, toys, craft sets, books etc. I have a box of stuff suitable to give to any child from around 2-8!

Nicpem1982 Wed 01-Feb-17 17:01:01

I will keep my eyes peeled for bargains!

I'm quite fortunate that I usually visit our local Tesco at 7/720 in the morning on my way to work and they seem to do their price checks over night, so when I arrive the newly reduced stuff is still on the shelves hence orchard game for £2.30.

Maybe this is the way forward with selection of wrapping paper and cards kept at home

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Bumbumtaloo Wed 01-Feb-17 17:01:37

I aim for around £5ish. I tend to get stuff from The Works, Home Bargains etc. I always seem to go for craft stuff or books as I have found them to go down well.

Nicpem1982 Wed 01-Feb-17 17:03:48

The works do 10 books for 10 pounds I've bought these as part of my dds party bags and quite often refresh her book shelf by doing this.

I've not looked at their gift range I'll have a look smile

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SellMySoulForMoreSleep Wed 01-Feb-17 19:20:26

My top school friends present buying tips are:

1. Never ask your children what their friend would like - invariably it will be specific and over your budget! (I do make exceptions for their close friends)
2. Buy a bargain load of cards from somewhere like The Works or Card Factory - individual cards are so expensive
3. Asda do really good 2 for £15 toys, I often go there and buy a few things at the same time - aqua beads and nerf gun type things have been popular recently - it's a decent present but not too expensive.
4. Ikea is good value for big roles of generic wrapping paper ok for boys and girls.
5. This may be contentious but I 'gift on' - but only when my children do not want gift or they already have it and we can't exchange. I do give my children money for them which they put in their money boxes.

I'm not penny pinching but I have 2 kids and we have at least 3 or 4 parties a month so I try to keep it reasonably priced!

00100001 Wed 01-Feb-17 20:05:39

Kids baking kits are always cheap

like this peppa pig muddy puddles cake kit.

SheldonCRules Wed 01-Feb-17 20:49:52

Upto £12 depending on whether it's a home party or venue.

£15-£20 if a close friend.

I bulk buy cheap cards and paper as it only ends up in recycling anyway.

Nicpem1982 Wed 01-Feb-17 21:05:27

Sheldon- why does it matter if it's a venue? How does that effect the budget I'm curious

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SheldonCRules Wed 01-Feb-17 21:39:02

If a venue, the host has paid to have my child do the activity whereas there are little costs with a home party. Seems only fair to spend more on a gift for that reason.

Xmasbaby11 Wed 01-Feb-17 22:43:47

DD has just started reception and is going to a few parties. I spend around £5 per present, more if it's a close friend and I know what they like.

I buy mostly from supermarkets and Home Bargains, which is happily just down the road.

I keep wrapping paper in and a stash of cards from the Book People.

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