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Giant Bubble Wrap

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Tillyboo Fri 23-Feb-07 22:08:03

Anyone know where I can get some from? I've seen it somewhere but cannot think where. I have seen it in sheets so that kids could jump on it - specifically for kids parties.

IlanaK Fri 23-Feb-07 22:12:42

We got some from the garden part of B and Q a few years ago for a party.

Sparkler1 Fri 23-Feb-07 22:14:54

this thread was going on a few days ago. Not sure if it's the type of thing you are after. People didn't seem to rate if very highly if I remember.

ManchesterMum Fri 23-Feb-07 22:21:46

No good for a children's party but the following link is far too much fun not to share:


BTW the manic mode is particular fun - enjoy .

Califrau Fri 23-Feb-07 22:24:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shonaspurtle Fri 23-Feb-07 22:28:21

That is insanely satisfying

Tillyboo Fri 23-Feb-07 22:46:07

Think Staples is probably the best option so thanks guys for all the suggestions !

ManchesterMum Fri 23-Feb-07 22:52:07

Tillyboo - don't know how urgently you need the bubble wrap but have you looked at the following on ebay?

click here

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