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Dr Who

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jellyhead Mon 19-Feb-07 14:14:33

Has anyone any [simple] ideas on what to dress ds in for a fancy dress party as a charactor from Dr Who?

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Mon 19-Feb-07 14:17:43

What about the Doctor himself? Tom Baker's quite an easy one, all you really need is a multicoloured scarf, wide brimmed hat, and a curly wig. Instantly recognisable.

jellyhead Mon 19-Feb-07 14:23:24

That was my original idea but have spent over a week now looking in charity shops for a hat.
I do have the scarf but ds is holding out that I will build him a darlek costume.

boredwithwaitingforminiMOSSY Mon 19-Feb-07 14:46:39

Could you use one of your old skirts, dye it black and stick gold circles over it? Gather it at the waist, so it fits around his head. Two holes for his hands to go through, one hand holding a sink plunger and the other an egg whisk of course?

jellyhead Mon 19-Feb-07 18:31:59

It is a great idea.
Suggested it to ds but the mention of the word skirt biased him.

nikkie Mon 19-Feb-07 21:07:21

CRicket type stuff as Peter Davidsons Dr?
All black and draw on a moustache as the master (watching old ones atm )

southeastastra Mon 19-Feb-07 21:14:20

loads of bubblewrap and go as a random monster?

nikkie Mon 19-Feb-07 21:32:03

Dress all in green and stick faces all over as the Absorbaloff?

jellyhead Tue 20-Feb-07 09:45:11

The master is a good idea. I could cope with putting that outfit together.
The bubblewrap is good as well but I know he would spend the whole party 'popping' himself.

jellyhead Thu 22-Feb-07 17:58:11

Anyone else have any ideas
I have just spent 2 hours trying to adapt a jacket into a David Tennant type one and failed miserably.
It is in the bin and ds can hardly bring himself to look at me.

southeastastra Thu 22-Feb-07 18:05:30

this one! hehe

jellyhead Thu 22-Feb-07 19:03:47

Suppose it is easier than cassandra

southeastastra Thu 22-Feb-07 19:13:49

have you decided on anything yet?

jellyhead Thu 22-Feb-07 19:24:06

No. I am crap at this sort of thing.
I have a scarf and that is about it.

southeastastra Thu 22-Feb-07 19:37:50

maybe he could be cassandra, you'd only need a big bit of card, cut round the edges and draw a face, he could put it down when he wanted or a tardis

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