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Ds birthday party tomorrow lack of rsvp's

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jmh740 Sat 17-Dec-16 17:37:37

Two weeks ago ds handed out invites to his birthday party which is tomorrow he's 7. Hes invited 10 children plus him and his sister there's a minimum of 12. 1 person has rsvp'd. 2 I had to fb message to see if they were coming, I tried to catch the other mums in the playground one said she hadn't had an invite when I saw my son give it to hers and then he gave it to mum, another said she couldn't get her son there I said we could take him with us she's just texted me to say he now can't come. So I've got 7 confirmed including ds and dd I feel really sorry for ds he was so looking forward to everyone coming and I hope he won't be too disappointed I'm hoping the other 3 who haven't let me know will turn up. I'm annoyed that potentially I've wasted £60 on 5 places where children aren't going to turn up. How difficult is it to text or catch someone in the yard to let them know?

Notnownornever Sun 18-Dec-16 08:21:07

This is so frustrating and unbelievably rude isn't it? I feel your pain.

Personally having been in same position, I would invite neighbours kids or family friends etc and say sorry last minute but he was having a just class party but lots can't make it and would X like to come and then if the non responders turn up tell them tough!

No I probably wouldn't but you could def invite a couple of family who aren't perhaps the same age group but would enjoy it anyway so thwplaces you have paid for don't go to waste. Or any siblings of those who replied that you could extend the invite to?

As for your DS he won't care or know honestly. Kids don't see these things- he will just be excited and the centre of attention so whatever you do don't draw attention to it and say anything to him

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