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estatebabe Sun 11-Feb-07 08:06:42

2 of us are planning to do an end of year bbq for our year 6's since most of them will be going to different schools next year but we are struggling to think of things for them to do for 2 hours. Anyone got any good ideas for games?

Celia2 Sun 11-Feb-07 13:44:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

janeite Sun 11-Feb-07 16:53:11

If it's sunny, I'd be tempted just to walk them to the local park and have game of cricket or rounders for an hour, then home for the bbq. Lovely idea by the way!

estatebabe Sun 11-Feb-07 21:00:12

thats agood idead janeite - I will put in the planning meeting notes! thanks guys

Julieessex Tue 20-Feb-07 19:48:05

Take food boxes from, they have all sorts of colours, plain aparkly and themed ones and are great for transporting to packed lunches to parks, we took them in a empty banana box from sainsburys, you can fit about 12 in each box. We did it last year, worked a treat.

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