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Is it ok for 9yr old?

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38cody Mon 10-Oct-16 18:27:12

Planning sons 9th bd party - guests will be 8/9yrs - parents welcome. Planning to hire small screen at local cinema as I can get it very discounted. Son wants 'Zathura' which a zit like Jumanji but set in space. My 6yr old had no issues with it but I know some parents can be a bit precious and some kids sensitive. It's rated PG and has a few mildly scary scenes - do you think that's ok for this age range considering that parents can come too? Also any other suggestions? We chose this as it's quite retro so many won't have seen it - I only know it because I also have teens.
Opinions/advice appreciatedsmile

SpookyMooky Mon 24-Oct-16 16:58:58

I think a PG should ok for a 9th birthday on the proviso that you've seen it.

One of DD's best friends is very sensitive and on that basis, after talking to,her mum, we stuck to a U for DD's 9th. However I do think it is relevant that it was one of her closest friends. The friend was scared of the U as it turned out and spent some of the time in the next room playing, but I feel we couldn't have done any more really.

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