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December Birthday Party

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SillyBilly18 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:26:30

Hi all

Just looking for some opinions really. My DS' birthday is on 18th December & we are wanting to book a soft play party & invite his nursery friends but I'm concerned that the 18th is too close to Christmas & if we were to hold a party on his actual birthday that nobody would attend.

Would you consider this too close to Christmas if your child was invited to a party on this date, or do you think holding it the weekend before (10th) would be better?

Thanks smile

Groovee Sat 17-Sep-16 16:27:56

I was born on the 17th and no one used to come but I always made sure we went if we could.

GoldenWorld Sat 17-Sep-16 16:29:55

One of my relative's is born around the 18th too, they've held parties on the actual day and kids always go. I think it's fine.

MarriedinMaui Sat 17-Sep-16 16:31:54

My DS is that day and i usually do it a week or two before. I think by 19th people want to do family stuff. He has never cared about his party being on his actual birthday, and it often means we also do a nice family outing on his actual birthday too (cinema or bowling or something).

Another friend of mine whose daughter has a similar birthday throws her a party in January.

Greypuddle Sat 17-Sep-16 16:32:33

Hmm. My DS's birthday is the 18th December too. I just assume everyone's in the Christmas spirit and it's another festive party. When he was 3 last year we had a decent turn out.

MarriedinMaui Sat 17-Sep-16 16:34:28

I think if it's a party at home with mulled wine and mince pies for the adults it could work that close to Christmas. Especially if the parents are your friends too.

SillyBilly18 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:40:01

Thank you for your responses.

Some of the parents will be nursery parents that I've not met before, so I may hand out invitations quite early & see how many RSVP's I get & then decide whether to go ahead.

I'm leaning towards the week before the 18th now, just to be on the safe side. I know of family & friends with children that will definitely come on either date, but it might be a bit risky with parents & children that I've not met yet.

vintagechick43 Sat 17-Sep-16 16:45:04

My DD's birthday is also 18th December, never had a problem with children not being able to come to party's. In fact I think parents made the most of it by dropping children off and being able to go and do some Xmas shopping without them in tow.

Greypuddle Sat 17-Sep-16 19:50:29

We should all get together on the 18th and have a joint one, then it wouldn't matter if no one else showed up. grin

SillyBilly18 Sun 18-Sep-16 11:30:58

I love that idea! grin

HighDataUsage Sun 25-Sep-16 06:30:39

My ds's birthday is around then and we hold his party on the first weekend in December. Thus works well for us as he gets a decent turn out as people aren't too busy with Christmas events.

blackteaplease Sun 25-Sep-16 06:46:01

Dd is Christmas day and I always hold hers the weekend of the 18th. We have never had a problem with this date.

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