Help!! In need of some emergency advice about DD 1st Birthday

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MrsWakey269 Sun 25-Sep-16 07:57:08

We had a fantastic party! 3 til 5 and DD was in brilliant mood for friends and family. Kids had a blast on giant bouncy castle and everyone filled themselves on partyfood. So glad its over tho xxc

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HighDataUsage Sun 25-Sep-16 07:11:52

That sounds manageable as it's more like a traditional party. Make sure you state a definite start and end time so you don't get an over tired 1 year old.

MrsWakey269 Wed 14-Sep-16 22:34:55

Thank goodness my DH has his head screwed on and had fab idea of ,living party to local village hall and has hired a bouncy castle for the kids ... So much less stress and much more room ... Phew!! Now to make sure everyone knows it's changed xx

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WutheringFrights Wed 14-Sep-16 20:58:59

They won't all come at once - I had a big party last year for my birthday - it was an open ended invited from noon.
People just strolled in throughout the day...I think we had about 90 people turn up. Have you asked people to bring food and drink contributions?

MrsWakey269 Wed 14-Sep-16 20:41:31


So I am in need of some advice as things seem to have got a little out of hand when organising and inviting people to my DD first birthday celebrations.
We had planned for a cosy get together with a BBQ if weather is nice and everyone to come and go as they pleased throughout the day, well from 1pm onwards, but now as I sit and write a list of everyone who has said they are coming I have started to panic as hardly anyone has said no and its up to 79 people. This is accumulation of parents and children I.e. Friends of DD and our friends and then our families too.
I am now panicked that they will all turn up the same time and it will be many people all at once so wishing I could cancel, praying for rain or come up with a remedy solution as everyone wants to see her on her special day.
We are torn because everyone that is invited has had a big part in her life and we haven't invited people willy nilly.

Please help AIBU to post a comment/text saying we had decided to cancel for reason yet to be decided and then reinvite only certain people I.e grandparents, godparents and really close friends?.. Xx

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