How much is the average Hen party?

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mharimay Thu 25-Aug-16 15:13:18

One of my best friends is getting married in January and her sister is organising her hen party.

I have just received a message on the group letting us know what we will be doing and the cost etc. I would absolutely love to go as having an 18 month old and being at home a lot on my own now a night or two away with friends sounds like a holiday to me!

BUT they have decided to go up to Newcastle for the event for two nights in a hotel and a weekend of activities and then two nights of dinner and drinks.

My friends sister has put the cost for the activities and hotel and then entry into a couple of well known clubs at about £190 so far. This not including travel up there from London (£60 return) and then I would need money for meals out and drinks so I guess what I am looking at is a price of around £350!! shock

A lot of the girls going don't have kids or families and work full time so they were probably expecting that kind of cost and are quite alright with it. I just don't think it's something I can afford as gutted as I am to admit it! I would need to pay the £190 ASAP to confirm my place and then have the rest ready for when we go at the end of October.

Is this quite a normal price for a hen weekend these days?

Do I write on the group that I can't go due to not working full time and not affording it or who do I tell? I can't tell the bride because it's all a big surprise confused

Any help would be appreciated on this

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melibu84 Thu 25-Aug-16 15:22:16

I think this is pretty normal these days. Hen's are now usually a weekend away, and so I would expect that kind of price to be honest sad It's probably best to tell your friends sister directly if you can't go. Maybe you can do something separate with the bride closer to the time.

i understand how you feel, I wouldn't be able to afford it either!

mharimay Thu 25-Aug-16 15:38:00

Thanks I'm glad someone can feel my heart break haha! As my partner is working all the hours god sends and I'm doing a 12 hours per week I just can't justify such an expense and think it may end up stuffing us later in the month.

I'm going to send her a message sooner rather than later. Cant believe how much everything is once you start adding it all up!

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