Activities for 2 year old bday party

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ChorusLine69 Thu 25-Aug-16 10:02:04

Hi all, it's my sons 2nd birthday party coming up and we are going to have a picnic and games etc outdoors, it will be mainly adults as we are just keeping it to family this year but want to have some activities/games . We already have stomp rocket which we loves but want some more ideas for simple games like that that a 2 year old could play with family. Thanks!

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Kalispera Thu 25-Aug-16 10:02:51

Duck duck goose always a winner.


LizzieMacQueen Thu 25-Aug-16 10:04:24

Ring-a- ring of roses, pass the parcel, in and out the dusty bluebells, the farmer wants a wife, hokey-cokey.

Leeds2 Sat 27-Aug-16 00:01:21

Not a game as such, but have some beach balls for them to kick or throw.

At about that age, my DD went to a party where they had one of those bubble machines. Think it was from ELC. It was very popular! Could have individual pots of bubbles instead.

Cakescakescakes Sat 27-Aug-16 00:02:08

Bubble machine

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