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Katykati Thu 30-Jun-16 16:33:30

Hey mums... We're celebrating my son's 12th birthday soon, he's becoming quite picky with his gift choices and said he would rather get gift cards from all his friends (and from us!!) so that he can buy himself an ipad and choose his own gifts..... It's true that every year he receives a mountain of presents that he doesn't really need and i'm with him on that.... but is is actually ok to ask his friends for gift cards????
Help please, trying to deal with a bossy little mansmile


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Katykati Fri 01-Jul-16 11:38:40

help pls!!

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Leeds2 Mon 04-Jul-16 13:07:54

I wouldn't have wanted my daughter to do that, if I'm honest. But I don't imagine you can actually stop him if he tells his friends at school that that is what he wants. How many friends will he actually be inviting?

attheendoftheday Tue 05-Jul-16 19:45:07

I think it's rude to specify what you want unless asked.

Katykati Thu 21-Jul-16 12:30:10

He's having 8 friends coming!

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