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Christening favours?

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Onthedowns Sun 05-Jun-16 07:08:57

On my DDs christening we face sugared almonds but no one really truthfully likes these!! Do they?? Any ideas that are relatively inexpensive - homemade or eBay? We are doing a few children's bags for them. Maybe little wrapped chocolates?

Artandco Sun 05-Jun-16 07:30:44

Aren't they just for weddings?

Onthedowns Sun 05-Jun-16 07:41:39

We got them for our DDs christening I think it's more a Greek thing but thought it was nice to give to our guests

whatstheworstthatcanhappen1 Tue 21-Jun-16 17:25:19

What about sweet cones, we recently had some of these made and they looked fab!

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