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Surprise birthday trip. Need ideas for a goody bag to spill the beans please.

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Ceolas Sun 29-May-16 00:02:35

I'm taking my 2 DDs to London to see Matilda the musical. It's a surprise for their birthdays which are within a couple of weeks. They have never flown or been in London before.

I've found some lovely Matilda fabric and I'm planning on making them each a little bag for the trip, which I'll give them the day before to break the news. I'm a bit stuck on what to put in. Thought of a copy of the flight and theatre tickets and maybe a puzzle book or something to do on the plane. Any other creative ideas please?

FeelingSmurfy Sun 29-May-16 00:06:41

Manilla musical book (not Roald Dahl one) or cd

FeelingSmurfy Sun 29-May-16 00:07:01

Matilda obviously!

FeelingSmurfy Sun 29-May-16 00:07:41

What about a red bus, big Ben type toy to indicate london

Ceolas Sun 29-May-16 00:08:43

Thanks Smurfy. I didn't know there was another book. They are 8 and 6.

Floggingmolly Sun 29-May-16 00:10:23

What's Matilda fabric?

FeelingSmurfy Sun 29-May-16 00:11:10

I'm not sure, I think there is a script type one

What about audio book for the flight?

Make a voucher for where you are going to eat

Ceolas Sun 29-May-16 00:12:23


Floggingmolly Sun 29-May-16 00:13:44

Ooh! That's fab

FeelingSmurfy Sun 29-May-16 00:16:40

If you add a little pocket it would make a great bag for library books and card after the London trip

Ceolas Sun 29-May-16 00:25:22

Good idea!

MeLittleDuckie Sun 29-May-16 00:30:30

These pop-out maps are brilliant - they're little and good for kids to learn map reading skills. I loved planning our tube rides when we went to London as a kid! -Admittedly I was a total saddo-

Or this London sticker book or this Look Inside London book which may be slightly better as they could use it to amuse themselves on the plane. The Look Inside series are great for that age, full of great snippets of interesting info via loads of wee flaps to lift.

MeLittleDuckie Sun 29-May-16 00:31:27


Ceolas Sun 29-May-16 12:04:34

Those books look fab thanks

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