Parry idea for 7yr old

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Cadenza1818 Tue 17-May-16 00:23:07

I've.put this on aibu as I didn't realise this bit existed. Is it weird to have an 80S themed party for a 7yr old?9only my 7yr old has requested a party that is quite old fashioned in its elements. I don't want t him to get teased for not being cool so thought if it was themed a retro party then it would bypass this. But I'm concerned that the kids won't 'get it'! Thoughts please. I'm freaking out anyway as it's.y first proper party!

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Lovelydiscusfish Wed 18-May-16 22:31:43

Sounds pretty cool - I was young in the 80s, and as a young adult threw a couple of 8o's themed parties, which I felt were pretty fun. I can mainly remember, the food, stuff like lime jelly, pineapple and cheese sticks, etc etc. What aspects were you thinking would be 80s themed?
I have to say, my dd's parties have probably been broadly 8o's themed so far, mostly due to my lack of imagination or progressiveness re, food, games etc,m

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