Whole class party: is one big 'activity' enough?

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64PooLane Mon 25-Apr-16 13:11:54

DD's 6th birthday is coming up and it's our first time planning a whole class party - not sure of numbers yet but prob. low twenties, with a mix of boys and girls.

We're doing it in a dance place where we get the space for two hours. First hour is a dance 'class' with an instructor, involving warm-up games and generally throwing themselves about to music. Then we do the food (provided by me) and then ... this is where I'm not exactly sure what happens.

What do people usually do - would you plan something to focus their attention on for the last, say, 20 mins?

Also, in case any of the kids aren't into the dance bit for whatever reason, or in case there are siblings at a loose end around the edges of the space, I wondered about having some sort of supplementary side activity like face painting; which could then be picked up again at the end I suppose. We might be able to do it ourselves if it's expensive to hire someone; ex-DP is v good with a paintbrush. But I'm not sure if it would just end up being a distraction from the dance class, and make the whole thing feel a bit muddled.

Getting into an overthinking spiral!

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Leeds2 Mon 25-Apr-16 14:29:26

I would do the dance class without any other distractions, have food and then do two or three party games (pass the parcel type thing) whilst waiting for parents to collect. I wouldn't personally have them leaving the dance class to go and get their faces painted, as I imagine it would be quite disruptive.

attheendoftheday Tue 03-May-16 14:19:38

Print off some colouring sheets and provide felt tips.

I agree that 2-3 simple party games might be good at the end, or a bunch of balloons to chuck about.

d270r0 Thu 05-May-16 09:23:03

I agree you don't need face painting during the activity. Some games at theend would be good, have you considered a pinata? My 4 year old ds went to a disco party which did a pinata at the end, took forever to break it, all the kids stood round it in a circle and took turns. They put a load of sweets inside. Was quite memorable and the kids enjoyed it.

Aftershock15 Thu 05-May-16 10:37:39

They are never going to eat for even 40 minutes. So an hour of dance, 20 minutes tops for food and then if you don't have something structured you will have 40 minutes of dashing about like banshees. You must organise party games.

wonkylegs Thu 05-May-16 10:41:53

Old fashioned party games - sleeping lions, musical bumps, musical statues, Simon says, pass the parcel etc will be your friend - big bag of sweets for prizes. Then you can do as many as you need to fill the time. Balloons to chase around and bash help too.

JamesAndTheGiantBanana Fri 06-May-16 17:10:28

We're doing a big party too, bouncy castle, couple of crafts for the quiet ones, food and a couple of simple party games (NOT pass the parcel as it will take forever with that many kids and you have to know and keep track of exactly how many layers you need)

For crafts: I have bought a colouring in tablecloth off eBay, and two packs of felt tips. I have since seen some colouring in tablecloths in poundland, they might be smaller or something.

They can also make bracelets from fruit loop cereal and pipe cleaners, and maybe a temporary tattoo station.


64PooLane Mon 09-May-16 09:28:13

Thank you everyone, and I'm sorry I posted and vanished (under a tidal wave of party planning and actual life tasks).

You were all right of course, the face painting would've been too much and silly. We just did musical statues and some tattoos. There was a bit of banshee-like running, but that was OK as it was a really big space and a sunshiney day.

Brilliant idea about the colouring-in tablecloth James - wish I'd read it in time! Good luck with yours.

I feel an incredible sense of lightness waking up today to realise that I do not have to think about planning another child's party for at least four months. All the colours of the world seem brighter. Birds are singing brew

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64PooLane Mon 09-May-16 09:30:20

Oh and we did lots of balloons too, to good effect, wonky - I was surprised how much difference they instantly made to the atmosphere of the whole thing (top cheap tip to future thread browsers).

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JamesAndTheGiantBanana Mon 09-May-16 11:53:18

Glad it went well! I'm getting The Fear now. Sent nearly 40 invitations out four days ago and not one single rsvp yet (why do people do it??)

I've seen some giant balloons online, might get a few. smile

wonkylegs Mon 09-May-16 17:57:03

Glad it went well. Our party invites went out today wish me luck!

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