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Chipstick Sun 07-Jan-07 20:03:36

Can anybody recommend an entertainer for this area please?

The delightful Molly Muddles is fully booked!


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kidsrus Sun 07-Jan-07 21:56:19

hi chipstick how lovely to see someone in my neck of the woods.

I had billy and bobby for my ds 5yrs. they did a disco and played party games, kept 35 5-6yr olds easily under control.

There is also nutty noah who does magic and sings songs about poo which the kids love.

Molly muddles is great she is so lovely and caring also very reasonable by what i hear.

Go to the Grapevine website too as there are more adverts there too.

kidsrus Sun 07-Jan-07 22:04:40

have a look at this \link{www.thegrapevine.co.uk}
Hopefully done that right you need the somerset coastal edition and page 10 (i think)

kidsrus Sun 07-Jan-07 22:07:02

sorry that didn't work and its page 12 in the latest edition.

Chipstick Mon 08-Jan-07 20:49:16

Thanks for your reply - never heard anybody local mention mumsnet before so wasn't sure whether I would get any replies - thank you!

My 5 yr old dd went to a party with Billy n Bobby but I'm not sure of there suitability for a 3yr old?

Thanks for that link it's great I'm going to have a good browse and hopefully find something.

Best wishes

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CocoLoco Mon 08-Jan-07 21:11:45

Oh brilliant - I'd not heard of that Grapevine and it's got loads of useful stuff in. Thanks kidsrus
from a new resident of N Somerset

kidsrus Tue 09-Jan-07 20:49:47

Hi cocoloco
Welcome to N. somerset and How lovely to see there are more mums on mums net from N somerset.
The Grapevine is a mag given out at local schools we must be due a new one soon.
I think it's a quarterly thing, i find there is always loads in it too.
Happy Browsing
Do either of you have any views on kia sedona's as im looking to buy one.
i need 7 seats in my car because im fed up of having to plug the seat belt in then sliding ds underneath because of bulky car seats.
My ds grumbles too!


CocoLoco Wed 10-Jan-07 11:31:20

Hi kidrus - thanks for the welcome. Do you know if Grapevine is in shops or anywhere other than NSomerset schools?

I've heard the Kia Sedona is nice as a passenger but not so nice to drive. But I don't think there is a perfect 7 seater, mine certainly isn't!

Chipstick Wed 10-Jan-07 13:21:22

Our neighbour has the sedona and loves it. It certainly looks very nice. We have the Zafira which I love driving but can be difficult getting people into the seats in the boot. Fine for young kids my 5yr DD just climbs over but can't imagine her doing it when shes 10!

Well, the party is sorted - I've booked Jack n Jill who sounds lovely and just booked a church hall in Weston for £8ph, which I think is a bargain!

THanks for your advice

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kidsrus Sat 13-Jan-07 23:50:54

Thanks keeping my fingers crossed i hope to pick up a sedona tomorrow.
I don't think you can get the grapevine in the shops cocoloco and i'm intrigued what 7 seater have you got?
My friend has a Zaphira but she finds it's difficult to get a buggy and shopping in the boot and as you say chipstick the kids climb over the seat. not very practical in wet weather.
I like the sedona because of the sliding door and gap in the middle seats, means we all get in the pavement side.
Jack and jill sounds fab and £8 is a bargin!
I had problems trying to book a venue last year for my ds, i think when i said 5yr old everyone panicked.what did they know that i didn't

Middle2 Tue 10-Dec-19 21:28:27

Check Out Inspire Parties - Based in Weston super Mare and surrounding areas. Amazing themed parties! I love our unicorn one

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