Food for 40th birthday weekend

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carries Mon 28-Mar-16 21:46:55

8 of us are going away for a weekend to celebrate my DSis 40th. We are going to her friend's holiday house on the East Neuk. Said friend is the main organiser but I'm in charge of food. Need idea for Friday dinner. Got Saturday and Sunday brunch covered - cooked breakfast, pastries, yogurt, fruut granola. Saturday tea is from the fabulous Anstruther fish bar. But need something yummy for Friday that can be prepared in advance and travel - I'll organise all courses and make the main but will delegate starter and pud.

Any ideas? Oh and it's a girly weekend 😀

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Leeds2 Tue 29-Mar-16 19:30:57

Chilli and rice.

Fajitas. No need to cook in advance!

I would delegate a separate cheese board, as well as pudding.

loosechange Tue 29-Mar-16 19:36:07

Came on to say chilli and rice, already said! I would add tortilla chips, sour cream and cheese also.

oldlaundbooth Tue 29-Mar-16 19:36:57

Do you have far to drive?

I made this at the weekend - prepped beforehand, cooked once we arrived at BIL (an hours drive away)

It was really good and very easy.

You could do a salad or roasted veg with it.

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