First birthday ideas?

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twocultures Wed 23-Mar-16 14:02:04

Currently in the process of getting ideas together for my Baby boys first birthday.

Unfortunately we cannot keep it small as my fiancée already managed to invite half his football team confused
To save money we are planning on hosting it in our local village hall that's really cheap to rent for the day, a friend of ours has recently hosted a christening there!

We have family, friends and even great GPs from abroad coming to celebrate with us. I'm happy that it'll be a big party because we are so busy we rarely get to see everyone anymore.

So has anyone got any fun, different or creative ideas about what we can do to make it memorable?
All suggestions will be helpful! Anything from decor to entertainment to food etc etc
We are currently just looking at all the different options! smile

Thanks for reading

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redcaryellowcar Wed 23-Mar-16 14:25:17

Someone suggested a teddy bears picnic for a first birthday party, I think If its truly about the children an hour to an hour and a half is plenty at this age, if longer factor in when your small one will want to nap, and organise perhaps a grandparent to take them for a walk in their push chair or whatever suits best?
We did an indoor picnic ( saved trying to find sufficient high chairs) on a big blanket and had little sandwiches, stick of pepper and cucumber, hard boiled egg quarters, cheese sticks and fruit platters. You might need an adult buffet alongside this?
You could play a pass the parcel style game, I'd suggest you use Tissue paper as easier for small ones to open, and if you do this shortly before the cake it means everyone is calm and in one place.
The best parties I've been to for 1-2 year olds are not very structured, but might have hired some soft play equipment, but if you have some older children work out how you will stop the smaller ones from being squashed.
If lots of older children a bouncy castle might be a good idea?
On music front, I've found that the mini portable speakers which you get with iPods are not loud enough for a party, so work out if where you are hiring has a sound system or you can bring something more substantial?

Charlottebuchs Mon 18-Apr-16 16:50:01

Check out Party Kitsch, they specialise in themed children's party kits and stylish party supplies for all occasions 🎈

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