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Ningnang2000 Mon 07-Mar-16 23:24:45

So DD's 5th Birthday this weekend. It's a sports hall hire wih bouncy castle and mini soft play. There will be 30 children there. Most roughly between 4 and 7. There will be 7 toddlers/babies. It starts at 4.15pm for 1.5 hours.

My food plan is this...

Ham sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. (Catering for half a sandwich per child. )
6 bowls of snack crisps
Marshmallow top hats (two packets of marshmallows)
Chocolate crispy cakes with butterfly sprinkles
36 confetti cupcakes with character wafers on top or Haribo jellies.
A watermelon cut up
700g punnet of strawberries and a punnet of grapes cut up.
Two packets of party rings.

The birthday cake (rainbow jazzier one from asda with my little pony figures on top and mini bunting) will be presented fairly early and then cut up and put on the table.

Drinks will be juice cups with diluting juice back up. Tea/coffee/coke/sparkling water for adults.

Party games will include musical statues, best dancer, pass the parcel and what's the time Mr wolf? Prizes will be medals apart for pass the parcel.

Easter eggs will be given out as party favours on the way out.

My questions are....
Is this enough food? Should I bring some sausage rolls as well?
The cake serves 20+ bearing in mind there will be at least one adult per child and in many cases both parents as a lot are our friends should I buy an extra cake just for cutting up?

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Lovelydiscusfish Mon 07-Mar-16 23:46:07

It all sounds great, except that I'm not sure there is quite enough savoury food? Maybe add mini sausages, or a cubed block of mild cheddar, or, as you suggest, sausage rolls? Maybe some veg too - carrot or cucumber sticks, or cherry tomatoes (which I know are actually fruit, but you see my point). At children's parties I've been to recently, the cherry tomatoes have been particularly popular with both children and adults.
Have fun!

Ningnang2000 Tue 08-Mar-16 00:07:29

Thanks. Cherry toms are a great idea. I have a tendency to over cater so tryING to reign myself in!

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Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 08-Mar-16 00:20:06

Make some jelly - cheap cheerful and adds some colour - use cheap plastic cups

Add some sausage rolls or little sausages

Add carrot sticks and cucumber

Test sounds fine

Leeds2 Thu 10-Mar-16 18:57:03

I would make more sandwiches, because I bet the adults will eat quite a lot of them!

InvictusVersinium Thu 10-Mar-16 19:00:02

Yea, I agree, slightly more savoury food. Cake only serves 20?

Ningnang2000 Thu 10-Mar-16 23:51:16

Thanks everyone. Adding more savory. The cake is slightly larger now as asda didn't have what I needed. The cake will be cut up into small sizes and added to the snack table so hopefully it will be enough!

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Pinkheart5915 Thu 10-Mar-16 23:55:27

Go more savoury,
Cheese cut in to cubes ( as suggested above) is a great idea
Take the sausauge rolls as well

Other than than,I'd say you was sorted

Pinkheart5915 Thu 10-Mar-16 23:56:29

Cake in small cubes will be fine for children aged 4 to 7

Ningnang2000 Sun 13-Mar-16 21:07:37

Thanks for your input. For anyone who is interested I reckon I had the right amount of food. I added 100 sausage rolls (probably 15 left) and a cucumber cut up into batons. I probably had too many cupcakes (42) but they are easy to give away to family at the end of the party. The birthday cake fed 24 according to the packet but we cut it up smaller offered it round to the adults and any children who wanted it. Still had some to take home. The strawberries and watermelon looked fab and went down well and i got mummy points for healthy food! I provided 48 juice cups and came home with 12. Didn't need the back up juice. I didn't bother with tea and coffee and just provided a bottle of diet coke and sparkling water and elderflower cordial. Probably about 20 adults there.

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Pinkheart5915 Sun 13-Mar-16 21:52:17

Sounds like it all went well

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