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Stuck for main present ideas for 9 yr old

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Sootica Sun 28-Feb-16 04:10:23

She would most like a tablet of her own and a kitten

I'm not happy with the tablet. There is a shared iPad in the house and limited time to be earned on. Before I set limits she was on it constantly. She sneaks the house iPad into bed constantly after lifted out.
Kitten is out as house not big enough and about to do building works. After that maybe

She loves minecraft, gymnastics, reading, writing stories, isn't super arty but likes crafty stuff.

She needs a new scooter but her sister got a new one recently due to need and didn't have to wait forher birthday. I tend to do scooters and bikes when they have grown into needing a new one not wait for birthdays as we scoot and bike a lot.

She'd love some sort of game console but I am resistant to any more screen time.

She has roller skates and a pogo stick


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Sootica Sun 28-Feb-16 04:13:11

Oh asked if interested in a kindle or iPod and she's not. I also get books all the time for her (charity shop mainly!) so I think she doesnt really feel any need for a kindle and not that into music

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Sootica Sun 28-Feb-16 10:03:01

Bumping now it's not the middle of the night smile

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attheendoftheday Sun 28-Feb-16 10:54:14

Gym mat and balance beam? Ikea do nice ones.

What about an experience, like riding lessons or being a zoo keeper for a day?

attheendoftheday Sun 28-Feb-16 10:55:46

Another idea, if she's very tech focused, what about a raspberry pi? So she can learn programming rather than sit in front of more passive games.

AnnaForbes Sun 28-Feb-16 10:58:52

My nine year old had a farm day as her main present. It was much cheaper than a zoo experience day and she loved it. Anything like that available near you?

ILoveACornishPasty Sun 28-Feb-16 11:48:51

I second the Raspberry Pi. My nine year old got one a couple of weeks ago for his birthday. Some of the manuals are advanced but if you Google teacher lesson plans for them you can get an understanding (won't be long before someone YouTubes stuff like Minecraft). She can learn computing and programming....and be rewarded with Minecraft!

ILoveACornishPasty Sun 28-Feb-16 11:49:43

Should have made clear, Minecraft can be played through the Raspberry Pi xx

Sootica Sun 28-Feb-16 12:42:01

Ooh hadn't heard of raspberry pi will check it out. Her minecraft creations are impressive, it is a good educational game but she gets obsessive and then sidetracked into watching bloody stampy.

She would LOVE a balance beam but I can't think where to put it unless we could have in the garden on nice days and pack away when it rains.

She's not really mad keen on zoos and farms, she wants her own pet to look after but i suspect she'd think a day experience a poor substitute for her own pet although I'll ask her. I think she'd love it if we did it but wouldn't see it as a great present iyswim.

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