Party Invites... When would you send them?

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SlapACatFuckADuck Tue 23-Feb-16 17:04:26

DS will be 4 at the end of April his birthday is being held on the 24th (Sunday) When would you send out invites the school half term begins on the 24th March and they're not back to the 11th April If you would hand them out before they break up when abouts would you?

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Graciescotland Tue 23-Feb-16 17:26:48

I am a bit disorganised about this sort of thing so I hand them out on the Monday before the party. People often have no idea what they're doing weeks in advance so they don't rsvp, blah blah. Hand them out shortly beforehand and nearly everyone comes ime.

Erm I've also found that giving helium balloons out with the invitations creates a happy buzz of excitement in 4yos. Nothing like a bit of child driven pressure to encourage parents to attend if you want a good turnout.

SlapACatFuckADuck Tue 23-Feb-16 17:50:04

I would be giving them out at school so I don't think I could do the helium balloon thing albeit it does sound good haha The issue is I know 0 of the mums and dad's at all!

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Graciescotland Wed 24-Feb-16 13:40:49

I did the helium balloon thing at school (school nursery really) it was windy so was a bit of a palaver but it went down really well and the kids were all super excited which was good as nearly the entire class made it along and I only asked on Thursday before party on Sunday. Take spare balloons for random siblings/ the one that get's away if you go down this route.

It doesn't really matter that you don't know the parents at that age everyone seems to stay and muck in.

Lovelydiscusfish Wed 24-Feb-16 21:46:33

I'm giving the invitations for dd's 4th birthday party out about 6 weeks in advance blush. I like to plan ahead! For me, I'd prefer to get an invitation well in advance, so that I could ensure we weren't double booked.
That said, no doubt everyone (other than the parents we know personally, whom I can hector over text for a response wink) will ignore the invitation for weeks on end, causing me untold anxiety.

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