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Present for 10yo boy, budget £30-£50

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Aftershock15 Thu 04-Feb-16 17:19:42

Nerf guns always seem popular with this age. Skateboard or roller skates might also be good. Depends if he lives can be used.

Shannonl96 Thu 04-Feb-16 17:16:57

If in doubt get him a football set. My brothers this age amd was so greatful the fact he got a decent proper football. Not sure if this helps x

pinkcan Thu 04-Feb-16 13:04:34

So unsure what to get for this age range. Am a bit reluctant to give cash/vouchers because everybody else plans to and I think despite being quite a grown up kid, he would like a present, that is a thing that he can open and play with. But the majority of "toys" seem to be for younger kids. Can anyone help?

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