Present etiquette: 1 boy - 2 parties

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MadJo Fri 29-Jan-16 10:17:27

What is the etiquette for giving a present to a boy who is having two parties?
His parents are not together so his dad has arranged one birthday party and his mum has arranged a separate birthday party. The parents don't get on so each wants to do something special for him.
DS has been invited to both. Do I need to provide two separate cards and presents or would I just get away with one? I don't want either parent thinking I'm stingy and not giving the boy anything.

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shouldwestayorshouldwego Sat 30-Jan-16 17:55:51

Can you give two smaller presents. I sometimes give pens and colouring pens, could give one at one party and the other at the other.

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