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Question to anyone who has done a piñata

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RoastieToastieReastie Tue 19-Jan-16 18:36:10

So I've bought a piñata for dds party. We did one last year but the children couldn't bash a hole in it (even i couldn't!) and it all got a bit stressful, but DD liked the idea of a piñata and particularly wants one again this year. I've bought one which has strings at the bottom in the hope if they take it in turns to pull a string it will release the piñata. We've seen these ones before and they work really well. Only problem is, the one I've bought does have the strings but doesn't say anywhere that the strings will release the prizes and it came with a mask as if it's a hitting one. It was cheap if that makes any difference.

So, am I going to big up this piñata activity about pulling stings and then they won't win prizes and I will have to rip it open again or do these strings always release them?

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