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Party in the Woods

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upthegardenpath Mon 11-Jan-16 11:57:20

Going hold a Party in our local Woods ( local cafe' offers them, entertainer thrown in, food too) for our almost 8 year old DD.
She has boy and girl friends she wants to invite - aiming for around 10 kids i total, tops.
No parents, just me and DH.
Cafe' has asked us what theme sh'd like for her party.
No idea!
Pirates and fairies a bit old hat I think, for an 8 yo - asked DD and she wasn't keen either.
Apparently they can do a treasure hunt through the Woods as well, with clues to find etc.
Fancy dress optional but could be fun. Nothing overtly girly.
Any thoughts much appreciated.

figureofspeech Wed 13-Jan-16 13:40:43

Woodland theme involving fairies, policies, elves, goblins etc? Too young or ok?

figureofspeech Wed 13-Jan-16 13:41:50

Pixies not policies bloody autocorrect!

Cressandra Wed 13-Jan-16 18:56:14

Explorers, Deadly60, outward bound/survival camp / bush camp type of thing?

I don't think it necessarily needs theming.

Fairy fancy dress is not super-practical for running round in a muddy wood in Feb/March. Neither are many dressing up outfits, come to that.

upthegardenpath Fri 15-Jan-16 12:54:44

Thanks figure yes I had thought of something like that, but DD thought it was a bit babyish! (that's me told then).

Thanks Cressandra - I agree about theming - don't generally lie the idea, especially at this age. However, have since found out that they get 45 minutes' of time with s professional storyteller, who takes them around the wood on a hunt, which is why even a loose theme is fun.

Have decided to go with her favourite book - The Magic Faraway Tree. Something for the storyteller to work with, appropriate setting, no bloody costumes - as you said may be best to just come prepared for mud!

Thanks both for your ideas. 3 heads always better than 1 flowers

pilates Fri 15-Jan-16 13:04:05

Sounds funsmile

Cressandra Fri 15-Jan-16 16:22:26

Wow that sounds like a great party.

There really is no guessing what is and isn't babyish to an eight year old, is there? The Faraway Tree is chock full of fairies & goblins!!

upthegardenpath Fri 15-Jan-16 17:45:00

True smile

Thanks all for your thumbs up.

At the end of the day, they'll run around a wood in wellies, screaming, finding treasure...then get tanked up on cake. Theme or no theme, it's all about the cake grin

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Fri 15-Jan-16 17:49:30

I thought of horrid Henry! Good party idea though.

wonkylegs Fri 15-Jan-16 17:53:09

Sounds great - DS always has an outdoor party (we have 1.5acres to loose the kids in), this years theme is going to be Minecraft with lots of building challenges and a treasure hunt
Treasure hunts can be themed round anything with a bit of imagination.
Have been to a woodland dinosaur hunt which was fab. Scooby Doo mystery would also work in the woods.

Lovelydiscusfish Fri 15-Jan-16 22:32:16

Sounds like a great party!
I would say that anything animal-themed would be fab! Possibly we are quite into nature/animals as a family, so it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I would say just the chance to experience a woodland environment, and maybe do some kind do nature trail, or mini-beast hunt, or bird-watch, etc etc, would be brilliant for children.

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