Short film recommendations for DS's ninth birthday party?

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LilyLapwing Sun 10-Jan-16 22:09:30

Ok, so my idea is to have a 2 hour party with a couple of classic games, food and some short films (well, either a couple of half hour ones or a single one hour one) because a local pub has a downstairs room that shows films for kids in the holidays and we can use their equipment. It's all going to be pretty cheap, which is essential, but don't want it to be rubbish! Can anyone recommend some up-to-an-hour-long films that 8 and 9 year olds would like? There'll be boys and girls and it's in 2 weeks. Had a look on IMDB in the short family film section and there are 1000's! Is Toy Story too young for 9 year olds? There were a couple of short ones of those that looked good though how we'd get hold of them I have no idea... confused

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BackforGood Mon 11-Jan-16 00:06:23

I think an issue is, that most films tend to be 90mins long, don't they ?

I don't know how fixed you are with the idea (presumably you might be if it's only a couple of weeks away??), but my experience with 8 and 9 yr olds is a lot of active stuff is generally needed (unless you know it's a group that might sit and do a craft - like pottery party or something).

Cressandra Mon 11-Jan-16 11:10:07

I've PM'd you

LilyLapwing Mon 11-Jan-16 22:52:43

Thanks for your reply BackforGood - sorry for taking so long to respond. I think a normal length film would be too long - some of the attendees are... erm... quite energetic! I was thinking a couple of 20-30 minute funny animations with a break in between for games, food and general hecticness. Found a couple of Toy Story short films (22 minutes each) but DS wasn't keen so now not sure at all... If only his birthday was in the summer I could take them all to the park!

Cressandra - PM'd you back, thankyou! smile

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annandale Mon 11-Jan-16 23:03:32

One of the Ice Age shorts? No time for Nuts, something like that?

I'd put on a Tom and Jerry and one of the ice age shorts and that would be plenty. With a whole bunch of energetic kids I really wouldn't expect much sitting and watching from them.

I'd also have a LOT of games ready. Allow about 5 minutes each and some will last longer?

Capture the Flag if you have any outdoor space?

Kim's Game - brilliant because you can just keep a tray ready somewhere high up and bring it out for a quick 5 minutes.

Blanket Name Game - did this earlier today with a group and it's brilliant. You need two teams, a blanket and two adults. Pick the teams quickly, e.g. by birthdays from Jan to June, Jul to Dec, then adjust for even numbers. The teams sit either side of a blanket held up by the adults. One member of each team comes forward and sits next to the blanket. The adults count 1 2 3 and drop the blanket; the two people sitting there have to shout each other's names, the slowest one has to swap to the other team. The winning team is the one that ends up with everyone!

Sardines?? They are just about old enough I think.

Wink Murder?

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Mon 11-Jan-16 23:08:16

Any how to train a dragon episodes?
Or lego ninjago ones?
There's a Lego Batman film that's about 70 mins if I remember correctly. Could you split that into two? It's not a bad film.
Or any of the Lego Star Wars ones, I've not watched them but I think they are quite short.

LilyLapwing Mon 11-Jan-16 23:34:17

Great ideas, thanks all. Loving those film recommendations and some of those games sound great! What's Kim's Game annandale?

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annandale Tue 12-Jan-16 00:35:50

Kim's game - there are a few variations but this is the one I like.

Find objects to put on a tray - e.g. key, pen, book, candle etc. Have a few more weird things like a small toy lizard or something! For nine year olds you could try 15 objects maybe. Put a cloth over it. Put the tray in the middle of them so they can all have a good look for 1 minute (time it). Put the cloth back on and ask them to close their eyes. Remove one object from the tray (they will cheat so find a way to hide it as you take it out), take the cloth off and ask them to guess what's missing. Give them a bit of time then show them the answer. Just keep going until the tray is clear. No prizes, no winner.

annandale Tue 12-Jan-16 01:26:46

Two teams (Government and Opposition), a Speaker, a Chancellor.
Two lines of chairs facing each other, quite close.
Another chair at each end.
On one of the chairs is a bunch of keys or a stone or something (the Mace).
The Speaker stands behind that chair.
The Chancellor sits at the other end with a coin.
Each team member puts their hands behind their backs, and holds hands with the person next to them (or arms if they won't do this).
Speaker says 'eyes on me' and everyone looks at them.
The two people nearest the chancellor look at the coin; the coin is tossed.

If it's heads, the people looking should squeeze the hands of the person next to them, and the squeeze shoudl pass up the line of the team. When the squeeze reaches the other end, the last person in each team tries to grab the Mace.
Then everyone in the winning team moves up one.
Keep going until one team has gone right round so that the person who started at the end is back there.

Iwonderwhy123 Tue 12-Jan-16 02:25:49

Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars films are about 20-30 mins and I think are just right for that age. As Star Wars is all about he rage at the moment you could get masks and glow sticks to make it more of a theme.

LilyLapwing Tue 12-Jan-16 08:32:21

Brilliant! grin Lego Batman and / or Star Wars are great suggestions and easier to get hold of at short notice so I think we'll go with that idea. Fab game suggestions too. Cheers guys!

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