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Party music CD recommendations? - 4th birthday

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LittleGreyBear Tue 29-Dec-15 14:30:12

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a 4th birthday party for my son in a few weeks and I'd be grateful for your recommendations of a good kids' party music CD.

If anyone knows of a good mix CD, I'd be grateful to know the name of it. Something that would get the kids dancing and create a good atmosphere. Preferably something more grown up than nursery rhymes but that is also suitable for 3-5 year olds.

Thanks in advance for your help!

figureofspeech Fri 08-Jan-16 23:58:01

We used the cbeebies show theme tune CD and it was well received, the kids knew all the songs so joined in singing which was nice. I think it's important to have age appropriate music, I've been to a few parties were Blurred lines and Uptown funk was playing. Uptown funk not too bad but blurred lines at a kids party? Just no, completely inappropriate what on earth where the parents thinking.

LittleGreyBear Sat 09-Jan-16 15:53:58

Thanks very much, I'll check that one out!

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