5 year old party - am I mad?

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PseudoBadger Wed 09-Dec-15 21:09:40

I'm generally a bit rubbish with this type of thing, but the price of hall + entertainment + food has made me shock so I've decided to just hire a hall and do the rest myself.

It's in about 6 weeks so ample time I hope. I was thinking a 2 hour party (hire hall for 3 hours?) with an hour of games and running around and dancing, then food and cake and more running until they go away.

Would be very grateful for ideas on games (mixed sex but likely to be more boys I reckon) and ways to do food that won't make me want to murder anyone.

I'm a nice person really grin

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KaraokeQueenOfTheNorth Wed 09-Dec-15 21:13:56

My daughters 5th birthday we hired a hall (well, used MIL's church, for free!) and had a colouring and craft table, my dad doing temporary tattoos, music playing, Twister and giant Jenga, and a lorry load of balloons.

I did a few games, (pass the parcel, which I hate but DD requested!, variation on musical statues, and a bizarre lets make a human pyramid idea, fuck knows where I got that from) but mainly the kids just played, then we sat and ate some sandwiches and cakes, and then they played some more. Kids loved it. I didn't invite too many, they mostly ran around hitting each other with balloons.

aurorie11 Wed 09-Dec-15 21:17:45

For food at 5 year old parties, have done food boxes - half a sandwich, crisps, squeezy yogurt, box of raisins. Then a selection of ice lollies/ ice creams on sticks for pudding. Easier to clear up too.

SternlyVoice Fri 15-Jan-16 00:09:40

We're going for a party at home this year for our 5 yr old DD and I'm definitely feeling mad! We're thinking of craft/colour table, dressing up (borrowed dressing up clothes from people at work with kids and it went down brilliantly at our DD's party last year), balloons, jenga, and twister. I'm also thinking about a treasure hunt in the garden (if dry) and pin the tail on the donkey. Other ideas would also be welcome!

For food, we're going to do sausage rolls, pizza, sandwiches, crudites, and crisps. Followed by jelly/ice cream and birthday cake.

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 15-Jan-16 00:18:22

We did this. 2 hour party with 3 hour hire. Craft corner, dancing, games. Pass the parcel, musical statues or sleeping lions. Balloons to chase around like loons.
Food was pizza slices, cocktail sausages (about 1000), grapes (halved,), a modest amount of cheese sandwiches, mini doughnuts, cheap cakes, Jaffa cakes, party rings. Add a few healthy snacks to be ignored. Hula hoops and mini cheddars go too.
Send them home to buzz it off grin

GiddyOnZackHunt Fri 15-Jan-16 00:21:13

Sternly - one of dd's at home parties I chopped up all sorts and gave them blunt sticks to make kebabs. Cheese, frankfurter and strawberry kebabs anyone? They loved it. Put a rug down and they picnicked.

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