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Any ideas for Mum's 60th birthday-Please help!!

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Spacebound Fri 13-Nov-15 15:08:29

Hi everyone,

I am desperate for some ideas for my mums 60th birthday in December something her and my dad can do together.
She doesn't reallly have any hobbies, she has expensive taste.
I have looked at spa/weekend breaks but my dad can't get the leave from work. My limit is about £150. I don't really want to get her just a normal present, I am looking for more of a 'doing' present....

Any ideas would really help, thanks!

SwallowsInSpring Fri 13-Nov-15 15:57:47

Does she like cooking? You could get two tickets for a cookery course-they do different types eg bread making, or styles/cuisines. It's a really good day out, loads of places do them.

Leeds2 Fri 13-Nov-15 18:08:20

Afternoon tea, at somewhere "posh".

There is a place in London where you go and make your own perfume. Can't remember the name, but I'm sure it's googlable!

Does she enjoy watching sport? If so, tickets to a relevant event.

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