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"traditional" party for 4yr old

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DeliveredByKiki Fri 13-Nov-15 04:13:59

we live in a part of the US where children's parties are huge extortionate things held at indoor gyms/bounce places and whatnot with pizza for tea

DD turns 4 in a few weeks, I want to do a small and cheap party for her and thought we'd do a traditional party of old like what I used to have

So, what happens as everyone arrives? Just send them into the bedroom to play and then once everyone is there do games?

I was thinking Pass the Parcel, Musical Bumps, What's the Time Mr Wolf...what others are there? Then obviously there's tea and cake but there must be something else because that only fills about 1 hour!

Having said it would be small, I think it's going to be 7x4yr olds and 2x6/7yr olds (DS and his friend who DD wants to come too)

Baconyum Fri 13-Nov-15 04:20:47

Pin the tail on the donkey
Blind man's buff
Wink murder
Duck duck goose
Musical statues
Traffic lights

That help?

PatrickPolarBear Fri 13-Nov-15 04:29:43

Do you have a back yard they could all play out in? Depending on how big your house is, it could be a bit cramped with 9 kids + however many adults to entertain. That's why most people book these play zones / gyms because their houses are too small for 10-20 kids running around.

I've been to a couple of smaller birthday parties at home and they were pretty straightforward: come in, drop presents, kids play in playroom / backyard, cake served up, everybody home. I don't think you'll need to do party games really unless you want to!

blackteaplease Fri 13-Nov-15 05:31:04

Most of the parties at home we have been to have free play when children arrive. Then games, half an hour for tea followed by cake and then some more games.

I would have a list of about 10 in mind but be prepared to play the same one a few times if they are enjoying it. Also, if they are having fun free playing you may want do less. Treasure hunts is a good first game,

redcaryellowcar Fri 13-Nov-15 05:42:21

Lovely lady at ds nursery suggested that an hour and a half for four year olds was enough time. She was absolutely right. We hired a village hall, had some free play set up. Played a few games then had lunch and cake, before party bags etc.

wickedlazy Fri 13-Nov-15 05:45:22

You could also make it fancy dress? (Optional in case any dc's don't have a fancy dress outfit or won't wear one).

Fancy dress as in princess's and superheroes not black tie just to clarify!

gastropod Fri 13-Nov-15 05:45:15

Hunt the thimble. Hokey cokey (no party was ever complete without that!).

DeliveredByKiki Fri 13-Nov-15 15:35:04

We do have a garden so if it's warm enough that will help! A treasure hunt is a good idea to start with, and yes we'll just do free play as everyone arrives - pin the tale on the donkey is a great one too, Thankyou! Oh and yes to duck duck goose!

I was going to suggest most parents can drop off to be honest, to save on space!!

Thankyou, very helpful!

ThatsNotMyHouseItIsTooClean Fri 13-Nov-15 15:40:39

We did that for DD's fourth birthday. I had bought some plain identical cardboard hats, wrote a child's name on each one & put out loads of pens, crayons & stickers. It worked well as DD and the first to arrive spent about 15 mins on theirs & covered it in things but even the one who had only been there for 5 mins had stuck on a few things. I think the shyer ones enjoyed being told what to do in unfamiliar surroundings where they didn't know everyone. Then we did free play & then games. We had more games & craft as back up in case the free play didn't work.

AliMonkey Fri 13-Nov-15 15:54:30

We did these sort of parties from age 4 to 7. We had lots of balloons out which they liked to just throw, keep up in the air etc. Then when most had arrived they would do a craft or eg decorate a biscuit. Then treasure hunt then a couple of games run by DH while I laid out tea. Then more games after tea until parents came.

blackteaplease Fri 13-Nov-15 16:06:03

Is it normal for parents to leave 4 year olds where you live? Here parents stay with pre-school children and start leaving once 5. But even now we are hitting 6 some parents are still staying.

So dd's 3rd and 4th parties and ds' s 3rd we had at least one parent per child to fit into the house. At Dd's 5th party only 3/10 parents stayed.

DeliveredByKiki Fri 13-Nov-15 16:20:53

Blacktea not necessarily but I know all these parents and children really well and I don't have space for all the adults to hang around. One or two will but I'd prefer the rest to give us the space (and have promised them wine on their return!)

I was umming about something crafty - something that can then double up as party bag take away pressie?

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