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Number Themed Party Food

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barefootcook Wed 04-Nov-15 07:21:05

DS's class is having a 100 party- they have been studying all the numbers up to 100 and when they get there they are having a party. It is on Tuesday. I need to provide some party food that relates to numbers. Does anyone have any suggestions?

TobleroneBoo Wed 04-Nov-15 07:46:18

Cakes with hundreds and thousands? Or just hundreds grin

TobleroneBoo Wed 04-Nov-15 17:43:38

Or something Winnie the Pooh / hundred acre wood related?

Leeds2 Wed 04-Nov-15 21:14:53

Cupcakes with iced numbers on top.

After Eight chocolates.

Bottle of Seven Up.

barefootcook Thu 05-Nov-15 08:13:37

Thanks - great ideas all of you.

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