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Pre-school Birthday Party

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Snowmouse24 Tue 27-Oct-15 10:08:43

We moved house/country 2 months ago and DD1 has her 4th birthday next month. She wants a party so between her and her teacher we have come up with a list of 8 children to invite, but in there are a group of 3 who play together regularly and the teacher says have been playing with DD. However DD only wants to invite 2 of them but can't really explain why she doesn't want invite the other girl. I've chatted to the girl's mum a few times and she seems nice. I wonder if the girl is just shy and hasn't come across well to DD (a problem DD has herself!). Should I invite this girl anyway or go along with what DD wants and just include the other 2?

attheendoftheday Thu 05-Nov-15 14:21:20

I would invite the other girl.

It would be sad to miss one friend out from a 'set' and it will maximise her chance of becoming friends.

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