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Music for a party for 4 year olds

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Puffinella Wed 26-Aug-15 16:46:08

I'm hosting a party for a group of 4 year olds (end of summer scheme type thing). I'd like to have some music playing, but I'm not sure what! At that age I think I was probably still listening to The Wheels On The Bus, but I don't think this lot would be too impressed with that!

On the other hand, my nephew had his birthday party recently, and the music was things like Psy, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc, which I was a bit shocked by (small children dancing around to "Hey, sexy lady"seemed inappropriate).

Am I just old-fashioned, and is this acceptable? Or, what kind of music is there for that in-between stage?

00100001 Thu 27-Aug-15 07:37:15

just put on a kids party mix.

They won't really listen to it unless there is a specific activity linked to it (musical statues etc)

and tbh I wouldn't bother, who needs the extra noise?? grin

Puffinella Thu 27-Aug-15 07:53:31

Ah! Hadn't thought of that! Will search out a party mix CD!

It's really just to have some music on as they come in; they don't all know each other well, so there could be an awkward silence when the first few are just sitting there!

wanderingwondering Thu 27-Aug-15 07:56:23


Puffinella Thu 27-Aug-15 08:01:10

Also genius! Hadn't thought of Disney!

So I'm not just being stuffy in thinking Rihanna is inappropriate, then?!

BathshebaDarkstone Thu 27-Aug-15 08:05:07

I second the kids' party mix. I've never had to consider this, we've either had parties in fast food places, bar and grills, Baby Loves Disco or picnics in the park.

00100001 Thu 27-Aug-15 08:06:33

they're 4 - have some toys out or a crafty b thing where hey make a hat or badge/ place mat with their name on and they'll play smile

Puffinella Thu 27-Aug-15 08:15:00

Yes, there'll be stuff to do when they arrive - it's just that is in quite a big room, and it feels a bit odd to have a few children sitting silently in the corner doing craft! Some background music will drown out the silence until the chatters arrive!

Thanks for the ideas!

attheendoftheday Tue 01-Sep-15 10:01:03

I would find Hey Sexy Lady at all appropriate!

We had a Disney compilation for dd1's 4th birthday.

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