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Ideas for partners 'special' Birthday

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Mrsmoneyworries Tue 18-Aug-15 20:38:45

I'm hoping to make my DH's upcoming 40th Birthday very special.

I'm not on a huge wage, but do have some savings already prepared.

Could you give me some ideas, that I may not have thought about myself.

I've looked at the usual 'gift experience' days and have already bought some little unique gifts that fit in with interests.

Any ideas welcomed and appreciated. We've had a really rough 18 months and I really want to make this special.

Thanks in advance.

Ningnang2000 Tue 18-Aug-15 22:37:38


I was still on mat leave during dh's 30th so I made a treasure hunt for him to go on with the baby in the pram. I gave him 4 envelopes with different numbers on the front. He had to solve the riddle to figure out where to go and then answer a the question once there to know which envelope next. I.e how many gargoyles on the church etc. He eventually found me sitting on a bench in a park with a balloon and a cupcake with a candle in

Hope you have a fab day no matter what.

Mrsmoneyworries Wed 19-Aug-15 12:38:30

Oh that sounds lovely. I'd really like to do something personal like that.

Thanks for sharing.

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