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The Jungle Bus, party bus

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Bubbafairy03 Thu 13-Aug-15 13:22:08

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone has ever booked The Jungle Bus? They are based in Hayes but I have booked for them to come to my house in Enfield. It has been a bit difficult to get hold of them, I have emailed, called and sent them text messages for 4 days until I finally got through. I'm a bit nervous that they won't turn up confused so I'm hoping to get some reassurance.
If they don't show or cancel last minute that will be disastrous!!

12katY Wed 16-Sep-15 10:03:03

Found this post looking for some reassurance myself! I've just 'booked' this bus for my daughters birthday however it was done via text after I'd left a message confused no idea was given on payment either! Can't help but feel a little worried.
Would be great to know if your party went ahead as planned? I hope your little ones party was a success x

Kaye1980 Wed 30-Sep-15 11:02:06

Im in the same situation! I paid my deposit last week then they stop answering my text/calls! Do let me know if you hear from them!

MamaSimi43 Fri 06-Nov-15 11:20:18

I want to share my experience with this AWFUL company!
I booked them in June for September for my daughter's 3rd birthday. I paid a deposit and received a confirmation via text.

The day of party Sarah called to say the bus would be 10mins late.
2.10pm came and went and the bus never arrived. I had a house full of toddlers and no party bus!
I spent the next 45 mins franticly calling them, with no answer. Eventually the driver called to say he had broken down and he could not attend.

The next day I tried to call Sarah with no answer, she then sent a text to say her son had been in an accident and would call me later that day.
I felt awful to hear about this and replied saying I was sorry to hear about her son and would speak later.

I didn't hear back but was concerned about the sensitive time for her and her family so I sent a text to saying this.
She eventually replied requesting my bank details and said the money would be returned within 3-5 working days.

I have not received my money back after many texts, calls (with no answer) and two letters.
I would NOT recommend this company and to be honest I am not sure if what the driver or Sarah said was the truth.
The whole situation as been a nightmare. Please Do NOT book them!!

12katY Fri 06-Nov-15 12:09:22

Hello mamasimi43,

I am so sorry to hear that you we're let down by the jungle bus! I too was left on the day of my party with no bus, no answer to my calls and a house full of upset children! I am completely in agreement with you that this business should not be running and they shouldn't be allowed to let children down on their birthdays!

I have contacted trading standards about the jungle bus and I really would advise you contact them too, not only can they help you get your money back but they are monitoring complaints, so if necessary they can stop them from trading.
Also, please leave as many reviews as possible (I.e twitter, Facebook & google) to let stop other people from making the same mistake we did!

I really hope yourself and your little one had a fab time despite these awful people who clearly have no shame!

Best wishes X

Autismmummy13 Thu 04-Aug-16 20:22:24

I'm so glad I found this thread, was going to book this bus for my son but definitely won't now! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, ladies. Have saved me from having a very upset boy! Hope your little ones were not too upset by this for too long. sad

Adelec1989 Sat 21-Jan-17 15:51:09

Hi can anyone give me any good party buses to hire for age 2 ? Thankyou

SueWickstead Wed 15-Nov-17 10:58:52

d this thread with a little sadness and wanted to comment.
Many years ago i was involved with a Charity called the Bewbush Playbus. It was the first ever project in the South-East of England and i wrote a book about the bus full of photographs.
the bus was much loved and certainly different, we held childrens parties and it was certainly exciting and I loved the bus.
I have now written 3 children's books about my bus and share them in schools across Sussex and Surrey.
Recently I came home from school following the Jungle Bus. I was excited and wanted to find out more.
How sad then to read the thread and to hear of the disappointment they have left for the young visitors. I hope this was not always the case!
Sadly this would not be a story i would add to my 'Jay-Jay the Supersonic bus' books.
I hope you have better experiences

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