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How many DC do you think will turn up?

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AngieBolen Fri 07-Aug-15 14:24:34

DD took 10 party invitations in to school.

I've had 3 replies.

I can chase one (have sent a text) can't chase the other six.....2 of which told DD they are away.

Which I think leaves a definite three, but possibly 8.

I've made it the kind of party that it doesn't really matter how many turn up (she has some non-school friends coming too) but I need to know your wise predictions because I'm a control freak

AngieBolen Fri 07-Aug-15 20:13:03

I'll give a party bag to anyone who can guess correctly.

(Unless loads of kids turn up, and I have none left!)

Noobylola Thu 27-Aug-15 03:52:32

Only provide for those who give a def RSVP of yes. It's rude to turn up to a celebration when you haven't said you were going.

Ningnang2000 Thu 27-Aug-15 22:10:52

I know but it's not the kids fault. How awful would the kid feel if he/she didn't have a party bag.

Can you catch any of the parents at the school gate and just check that they got the invite in the first place?

Noobylola Fri 28-Aug-15 02:08:56

Hells yes Hun. Their kid probably stuck it in their school bag and never gave it to their parents. Just go up to them and be like 'did Sam show you the invite he got for toms party? I just need to know numbers for party bags.'

ShitHotAwesome Fri 28-Aug-15 02:20:46

In my experience, no reply means they are not coming. I generally have 2 extra party bags in case of siblings or extras.

Good luck

(and I hate people who don't reply to invitations. Ragghhh.)

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