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What food would you do for this party?

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AngieBolen Tue 04-Aug-15 13:04:01

DD is going to be 10yo, and is having a few friends around 2-4pm.

I'm keeping it short because I hate hosting parties.

DD wants lots of different ice-creams, etc so they can make sundaes.

What other food should I do, as it's between meal times? confused

PotteringAlong Tue 04-Aug-15 13:06:26

Nothing, they're 10 and it's in between meals! Sundae stuff will be fine?

addictedtosugar Tue 04-Aug-15 13:16:11

Ice cream, wafers, sweets and sauce (maybe with some fruit pieces in there for show) sounds perfect.

AngieBolen Tue 04-Aug-15 15:34:31

Phew! Thank you! Will do lots of toppings, fruit pieces, etc.

Was worried people might think it was weird we hadn't done full on food.

There will be cake and mocktails too!

PotteringAlong Tue 04-Aug-15 18:35:14

Sounds fab grin

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