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Gift ideas for 4th bday, b/g twins

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Fandangos Fri 10-Jul-15 17:11:24

Hi, I'm looking for advice on what to give my twins and what to suggest to other people.

I'm not into toys for boys and toys for girls at all, I think everyone can play with anything!

My son is specifically into superheroes, telescopes and ninja turtles. My daughter loves building with things like Lego, things you thread/string/tap together and pottering in mud kitchen type of stuff.

Can anyone recommend educational/fun things that their kids love at 4 please?


Leeds2 Fri 10-Jul-15 18:09:48

I would get them something for the garden. Depending on budget, playhouse, tent, swing, slide, paddling pool etc.

DD might like fuzzy felt, or one of those magnetic boards that you put coloured magnetic shapes on to make pictures. Or more lego!

Character t shirt or pyjamas for DS. Superhero dressing up outfit.

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