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Ascot races girls day out advice please!

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ella77 Sun 21-Jun-15 15:15:17

Hello We have a hens day out at Ascot Raceday (not Royal).

I have never been and I'm not sure if we should buy premiere entry to be comfortable or if we will have more fun just in general entry. We were thinking of doing a picnic....Most have never been so as long as it doesn't rain should be a thrill...?
We are late 30's conservative-ish but want it to be fun.
We are all coming in from London on train.
Can we bring alcohol or smuggle it? ;-)

Thank you!

Butkin Sun 21-Jun-15 21:33:03

What day are you thinking of going? If King George and Queen Elizabeth Day or Shergar Cup day then buying Premier will be more comfortable and you'll have a great time. Other days quieter so wherever you go will be fine.

You can get a great view of the horses being saddled in the pre-parade ring and then watch them by the paddock. Easy to get out the front to watch the races and have a bet and if you have Premier tickets I recommend going up the tall escalators to the 4th floor where you'll have seating out the front.

Loads of bars and food outlets. You will have your bags checked so I don't recommend trying to take booze in..

ella77 Sun 21-Jun-15 22:37:39

Thanks for that Butkin You sound like you have been a few times. We are going on the 11th which doesn't look like an important day. I love the idea of watching the horses being saddled. You are allowed to bring your own food but do you see people having picnics would this be comfortable? There is no entertainment advertised on the day but do they organise a concert at the bandstand for every meet?

Thank you again

Butkin Mon 22-Jun-15 14:38:00

Yes I've not missed a day of Royal Ascot for more than 20 years!

The 11th is a quieter day - the feature is the Summer Mile (Gr.2) which is a decent level race for 3yo+ horses over a mile and it will attract a good quality field. Unfortunately there is also good racing at Newmarket and York that day so some of the top jockeys may not be in attendance but you'll still have a brilliant time.

For the extra nine quid I'd recommend going into the Premier Enclosure (31 quid to get in) for the most enjoyable day unless your friends are on a budget.

You can't take food into the racecourse. If you've seen people picnicking then it's outside in the car parks. There are lots of restaurants and a stack of bars/foot outlets - you'll be spoiled for choice.

If you go into the Grandstand or Premier you'll have access to the outside of the saddling paddock and the parade ring so you'll see plenty of the horses.

They don't have music after racing that day. The singing round the bandstand is only for Royal Ascot and the concerts are on specific days like the Shergar Cup jockeys competition in August.

Hope you have a great day - sure you will..

ella77 Mon 22-Jun-15 19:01:20

That's a great help thank you! The fact its quieter may be better for us to leisurely move around and get served. If you think having access to the premier section is worth it then I will definitely mention it to them.

As you know the area well. Should we stay around Ascot afterwards for somewhere to drink and supper?

Butkin Mon 22-Jun-15 22:01:44

I don't know Ascot really well because I usually have lunch on course and head home after the last as I live up in Suffolk (Newmarket). There are lots of restaurants and bars in the High Street that runs behind the racecourse - maybe look at Trip Advisor for advice..

I don't think it will matter if you go in Grandstand or Premier unless you want smarter bars and the ability to go up higher (4th floor is best) to watch the racing and sit down..

Get there early and mooch around the course to find out where everything is beforehand...

You'll like the luxury feel of the place and I'm sure you'll be booking in for Royal Ascot next year which is something not to be missed !

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