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Afternoon Tea ideas

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Gillh89 Sun 07-Jun-15 14:23:20

I'm having a party for my daughter in September, and thought instead of normal party food, I might do an afternoon tea, but a bit stuck as to what kind of food to include that 9-10 year olds will enjoy, any suggestions?

Leeds2 Mon 08-Jun-15 10:20:48

Variety of sandwiches, cut into triangles with the crusts cut off. Say cheese and ham, tuna mayo, egg mayo, roast chicken.

Variety of small cakes e.g. fondant fancies, flapjack, chocolate brownies.

Scones, cream and jam.

Serve on three tiered serving stand if you have any!

Would have tea available, including fruit teas which they might want to try, but I would have other drinks available.

Use vintage chic plates and cups if you have them, Cath Kidston sort of thing, and don't forget the bunting!

BrieAndChilli Mon 08-Jun-15 10:23:49

Mini wraps, mini rolls (wait rose do a pan of bite size rolls) sandwiches cut into fingers.
Mini quiches, mini scotch eggs
Little bite size brownies, fondant fancies, tiny cupcakes ( I ise petite four cases) little shortbread shapes dipped in chocolate
Mini eclairs
Scones cream and jam.

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