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Yes or No? Gift excange instead of birthday presents

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2dogsand1hamster Wed 03-Jun-15 12:51:47

Hi, all
At first aplosize about my english writing.
I'm planning to throw a big disco party for my daughter's 7th in October, Me and husband are party loving people no worrying about organising stuffs etc. Only my concern is she'll have too many presents, no extra space in toy room. Added to it she won't cherish stuffs nicelly which I know from last years birthday or chiristmas as she already has everything too many, lucky girl.

We have been having house parties for her untill last year and been saying the next one would be the big one inviting 60 people (whole class, Rainbows, friends from old playgroup)

I know it's not my birthday but as a organiser, sponcer or more importantly as a house keeper, I have a power to decide about this matter.
I have come accross the idea of Gift Swap game instead of birthday gifts. It'be like pass the parcel style, kids make a circle, pass round prizes, when the music stops each child gets one gift.
In that case, I wo'nt be doing pass the parcel obviously, but still doing party bags but sweets and cakes mainly.
I sould be saving at least£100? 150? then I can buy my daughter something she really wants as from the people came to the party. I can see her be really appriciated.
I parsonally think it's a brilliant idea Win Win situation!
But my hasband doesn't! He is a English and says it's wrong to ask people about presents in England and I have read same opinions internet, understand a bit but this is something different from others? Well I think...

Would you read this sentences I'm thinking to put in invitation and tell me any opinions if I am non etiquette or rude honestly please.
Then I will decide whether to go for it or do something small which I dont have to worry about number of presents.

*please Could we ask you to bring NO PRESENT for @@@ but We are hosting PRIZE EXCANGE GAME at the party for everybody to take one home.

All you have to do is to bring ONE GENDER NEUTRAL WRAPPED INEXPENSIVE TOY or BOOK or a Packet of SWEETS etc ( suggest NO MORE worth than £2, Secound hand is ok if it's in good condition)

Don't worry if you forget. We'll have extra prizes ready just in case! But We will appriciate if you agree and participate this plan.
Please contact me if any questions or concern. Thank you x *

It will be in proper writing with spell and grammer check done.
Forgot to mention my daugter's opinion. She says that's fine as long as she gets one from gift swap game and main ones from daddy and nana (They buy many presrnts like crazy anyway). I always buy her practical stuffs to balance, not very romantic mum but she loves me.
She also says its ok to take a few friends to cinema insted of disco party if I change my mind. She doesn't tidy up, doesn't look after her toys, stuffs. But is very easy going!

Thanks everybody x

myneighbourtotoro2 Wed 03-Jun-15 13:11:00

I think it's a lovely idea. Like you said if you're inviting that many people to her party she'd get far too much stuff to know what to do with. My dd is only 2 so I'm yet to enter into the world of party politics but I think it sounds great.

2dogsand1hamster Wed 03-Jun-15 14:46:13

Ahh, Thanks for supprting me!
Still open to any negative, positive replies.
Don't want upset boss mums at school, Call it politics, yes

blink1552 Fri 12-Jun-15 08:28:15

Tricky one. I think your husband is possibly right - much as it is logical, so is the idea of asking everyone to bring £1 or £2 towards one big present, and that is definitely not on. Whether your idea is win win or not, is not really the point. OTOH I can really see the temptation.

It's not that easy to get a decent gender neutral gift in that price bracket, especially when people are used to giving more expensive things, so some might regard your request as extra work. There is unlikely to be anything suitable in their present drawer already so that's a special trip out.

Another option would simply be to say "no presents please", and just do very basic party bags. I don't think anyone will mind, if your DD is ok with it. She would probably still get some presents but not from everyone.

2dogsand1hamster Mon 15-Jun-15 13:52:57

Thanks for your honest opinion, surely some of guests (parents) must feel the same as yours. Ok.....
Don’t mind NO PRESENTS option at all myself, got to clear hubby not dauhghter. He loves presents even not for himself!

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