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Baby Shower

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Brightideas Fri 06-Feb-15 07:47:17

I am organising a low key Baby Shower for a lovely friend. I haven't much time to put it together. There wil only be about 5 or 6 of us. We really want it to be about playing silly games.
Please could you share some good ideas that can be put together in literally next to no time.

Justnapping Fri 06-Feb-15 07:53:45

Baby shower charades: think of some funny charades to act out eg. Going into labour, making the baby, getting the baby to sleep, sleepless nights, timing contractions etc and put them in a bag and everyone picks one and the others can guess.
Guess how big mums tummy is: you can get tape that you cut from ebay, winner is closest to size of mums tummy
Prediction cards: make up cards with guesses on - date of birth, time of birth, boy or girl, length of labour, weight of baby, length of baby
Tips: get everyone to read out their tip for the mum to be

Brightideas Fri 06-Feb-15 21:47:24

Justnapping, what a brilliant start. Nice and easy, too! Thank you.

Brightideas Fri 06-Feb-15 21:48:01

Brilliant abd easy ideas, thank you!

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