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Birthday party for 11 year old dd

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marne2 Sun 04-Jan-15 18:26:32

Dd1 wants a birthday party, nothing big, she's happy for it just to be her and her 3 best friends, I could just invite them over for dinner but our house is very small, dd's bed room isn't really big enough to entertain more than one person and our living room/dining room is also small ( and home to my 2 very bouncy dogs ).

Dd1 has Aspergers as well as hypermobility and hypotonia which makes sport and things like bowling and swimming quite tricky. She is a Tom boy and 2 of her best friends are boys, the other child is a girl who has sn's ( similar to dd1 ), they are all into gaming ( minecraft, pokemon etc..).

We live in a rural area, dd1 loves Pizza Hut but it's quite a drive away and I can't fit everyone in my car ( I also gave another dd, also with ASD ).

Can anyone suggest anything? I know it's a tricky one and I will probably gave to end up having them all over for dinner but I worry it won't be very exciting for them.

insanityscratching Sun 04-Jan-15 18:33:22

Dd has autism for her eleventh birthday I took her and her two best friends to the cinema and Frankie and Benny's afterwards. I sat away from them in the cinema and on a nearby table with her older sister and ordered for them but they enjoyed the independence.
Around here it's expected that guests are brought to the party venue and collected afterwards by parents so I wouldn't be expecting you to get my dc to Pizza Hut and don't think your dd's friends' parents should be either

marne2 Sun 04-Jan-15 18:49:03

Thank you, Pizza Hut and cinema as around an hours drive away, I'm not sure if any of the parents will want to drive their kids there and pick them up, I maybe able to rope one of them into it ( as one of them doesn't have other children to worry about ), the others gave large families with young children so probably won't want to be doing it. I have just looked at our local sports centre and they do a few parties, one being trampolining which dd could do so that could be an option.

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