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Frozen party games

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YeahItsMe Tue 09-Dec-14 18:45:33

Ok so I have the room decorated, elsa coming to sing, snow machine and all that jazz. Thing is now I'm skint so need some ideas on how to keep 20-30 6-7 year olds reasonably entertained for about an hour.

Partyrama Wed 10-Dec-14 16:23:21

Play 'Do you wanna build a snowman?' Basically two teams have a go at wrapping loo roll round someone the fastest and sticking some black dots for 'coal' and a 'carrot' nose. All you need is loo roll, some card, and some double sided sticky tape!

HattyMonkey Wed 10-Dec-14 16:29:21

Stick the nose on Olaf
Musical Ice statues

HattyMonkey Wed 10-Dec-14 16:30:16

Check this thread.

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