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JenJam Tue 10-Oct-06 11:48:43

we're thinking of hiring some soft play to put into a church my 11 month old loves crawling

have tried one company and found out it's very expensive! £160-£180 including delivery.

Anyone know any other companies i could try out. I live in North London (N5)?

Or can you suggest an alternative to hiring soft play....any particular toys that work well amongst crawlers and early walkers? might be more useful to spend £100 on some cool toys rather than 'waste' it on something only to be enjoyed for 2 hours.

i think i might be turning into my mum!

Thanks for advice/tips

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ledodgywizardrobespierre Tue 10-Oct-06 11:50:24

To be honest for a first Birthday I'd have a family and close friends party at home and save soft play etc for a couple of years.

Enid Tue 10-Oct-06 11:50:46

I really wouldnt bother

buy some ride on toys that you can keep or ask a local nursery if you can rent some

but then tbh I wouldnt bother having a 2 hour village hall birthday party for a 1 year old either

cakes and tea at home for a few mums and babes about my limit

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump Tue 10-Oct-06 11:51:46

Agree with ledodgy - keep it small and simple and at home for as long as possible - plenty of time for bigger parties later (I'm still in 2 minds about whether to do a party for my DS this year - he'll be 3).

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 10-Oct-06 11:53:01

agree with the others.

Becky is 1 in 2 weeks time and we are just having close family for a birthday tea.

She loves crawling blah blah blah but she refuses to play at soft play when we take Jess, so its a waste of money.

They are too young to know its their birthday or take in what is happening so a birthday tea is much more suited IMHO

Twohootsandapumpkin Tue 10-Oct-06 11:54:16

Agree tbh wouldn't bothere - I know you want to make it special though Like everyone else says, a few babies and mums at your home (unless you don't want it there?) and your LOs toys will be sufficient.

I did pass the parcel at my DD'f first bday (was the first of a group of bdays) and then everyone else did it too so it obv was a success - maybe buy a couple of nice pressies instead for that? Wouldn't buy or wrap them too much though as everyone gets a bit bored after 2 or 3 goes!

Good luck!

lockets Tue 10-Oct-06 11:55:28

Message withdrawn


jessicaandrebeccasmummy Tue 10-Oct-06 11:56:52

sorry to put a dampener on it lockets, but no, she is 1 on the 25th.... scary stuff! My baby isnt my baby anymore! (She's a little cheeky madame who is crawling and cruising and driving me mad trying to baby-proof things that Jess learnt not to touch!)

lockets Tue 10-Oct-06 11:59:18

Message withdrawn

LIZS Tue 10-Oct-06 12:00:02

You may be able to borrow some Mums and Tots group equipment if you hire a hall or larger items from your local Toy Library. A bubble machine can casue endless fascination! tbh they won't be mobile enough to need much space anyway so don't make it too lavish. Just a few close friends and babes, some nibbles and cake.

JenJam Tue 10-Oct-06 12:15:17

thanks for responses.

seriously my mainsonette is teeny. and not properly baby proofed (been meaning to do it for ages....dp got as far as putting up a stairgate only last week)

i had 4 kids and their mums in my lounge last friday and there's just not enough space for anything push along or ride along. my little one has just started walking hanging onto everything.

and i really really really want one (stamps feet) tee hee

and the hall is cheap at £10 per hour

maybe i will just skip the soft play, borrow the mum and baby club mats, and buy a couple of ride ons

other suggestions welcome

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JenJam Tue 10-Oct-06 12:15:58

where di dyou get your bubble machine from? sounds cool.

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LIZS Tue 10-Oct-06 12:36:18

elc do one for £16 here . Balloons also good until they burst ! Paddling pool filled with soft balls.

vedhika Thu 24-Aug-17 09:51:17

Hire some softplay toys .I think it will create a funny and nice moments in the party .visit

Rosehips Sat 26-Aug-17 12:16:37

A couple of bags of sand in a large plastic tray (you can get them for plants or large cat litter trays etc) is cheap and fun

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