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DS BDAY party/ Complaining neighbours/ party ideas

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adrianna22 Sat 15-Nov-14 13:48:23


I have decided to throw DS his proper first birthday party for his 5th.

This is a big thing for us, and an emotional one too. As DS has a very severe speech and language delay, (only says 10 words) but found it hard to make friends when he was in nursery .

Now since he has started reception ( in a different school), he has made three lovely friends and the kids always wants to play with him.

I have decided to invite his three friends from his class, and my own friends and family who have kids around DS age too.

My flat is not really that big, so was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I will be having a piñata ( but not sure if DS would be too young for it).

Also, how do I deal with my neighbours (who have kids) that always complain when DS makes noise. I'm worried that the neighbour will complain, once the day arrives for his birthday party. I'm not fond of them at all.

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